Pre-school Education
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 Pre-School Education Programs

Students according to their age levels and in different class quotas; 18 in 4 years, 20 in 5 years and 24 in 6 years learn to communicate with others in a rich environment with 2 class teachers and other branch teachers who prepares them for life.

As the activities are arranged according to studentís development level, age and knowledge, they are also given the opportunity to improve their skills. Project work creates an atmosphere where children wonder and do research and can establish cause-effect relationships.

In our main program; Turkish language competency, English and German, Literacy preparations, Drama, Science and Nature, Fun Math and Science, Geography and Art are given in a interdisciplinary way. Besides our main program we support students with Drawing, Music, Rhythm and movement, ICT, Ceramic, Swimming, Chess, GEMs, Behaviour and Etiquette, Creativity and Thinking, Origamy, Tangram, Mandala, Attention and Concentration activities

Pre-school education starts at: 9:00 and finishes at 16:40
But in case of parents bring and pick up their children then the school time starts 8:30 and finishes at 18:00

 Pre-school Activity Rooms

During pre-school age five senses and muscular system plays an important role in learning. The information learned effectively through experience using sensory and muscular systems becomes permanent. Knowledge gained by doing and experiencing creates effective mental structures in children. Learning through doing and experiencing, exploring, producing and problem solving are important parts of Active Learning. In accordance with Active Learning different learning areas and experiences should be supported with trips according to studentís level.

Pre-school Activity Rooms

  • Science and Math room, Dance and Gymnastics room , Plastic Arts room and Ceramic room
  • Music room and Drama and Chess Hall
  • Game and Activity Street
  • ICT room
  • Light and Dream Room
  • Student Kitchen