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 Our Pre-School Education Model

Pre-school period is considered as the period of highest learning potential when foundations of personality are laid by all pedagogues.

There are many educational approaches in pre-school education. As Ekin Private School, when we decided to open a pre-school class in 1999, our administration team and educators went through contemporary education programmes by taking the education philosophy: "every child is a different world" as basis. Among these, the international educational programmes which are used commonly and affectively are those such as Montessori, Reggio Emilia, High/Scope and project approach.

In our learning journey where we set off by saying "every child is a different world", we knew that every child has a different learning, problem solving and communication method because of their different skills and abilities and therefore, every child develops at his own rate, learns with unique methods and expresses him/herself in different ways. For this reason, as Ekin Private School, we aimed that knowledge should become permanent, be internalized and all developmental areas of a child should be supported. In light of all this scientific data, we formed the structure of our pre-school educational programmes by analysing pre-school programmes that are based on Jean Piaget’s cognitive-developmental theory and that take different areas of learning into consideration (High-scope, Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Multiple Intelligence and Project Approach).We base all our works and plans on this philosophy.

Student is at the centre in this process-oriented programme that supports multi-dimensional development. We implement a programme that contains visual, audio and kinaesthetic (related to touching, tasting and physics) by acting on the principle "the higher number of sense organs a learning method is directed at, the more permanent and efficient learning becomes”.

It is ensured that basic skills and information are learned by students through integrated and applied studies where effective participation of students is ensured. In our education programmes which we apply based on this approach, students learn by researching, exploring and discussing, in other words, by experiencing instead of memorizing. They are listed under such titles as:

Many basic experiences that mention different development areas,

  • Daily life skill,
  • Interpersonal communication,
  • Characteristic values,
  • Creativity and critical thinking,
  • Self confidence and respect,
  • Taking initiative and social relationships,
  • Classification- putting in order,
  • Number-area-form and concept knowledge,
  • Mother tongue and English,
  • Arts and handicraft events,
  • Rhythm and movement,
  • Music and Orff studies,
  • Drama and role-play

    As Ekin Private School, we place as much importance on social and emotional intelligences of children as their academic developments. Apart from social skill events integrated into our programmes, we enable children to develop a certain opinion and reasoning system about the happening they experience naturally by evaluating daily life and support their empathic development. We know that the entire world constantly conducts research and develops, so we follow these developments and incorporate the necessary innovations into our philosophy. We will continue working for the purpose of attaining the better and the more beautiful.