Pre-school Education
  High / Scope Approach  
  Pre-School Education Model
  Education Programs 
  Education Program for Pre-   School  
  Primary School Orientation   Program  

 Differential and Enriched Education Program for Pre-School

 Core Values Program

We follow an applied program so that our students can understand, adapt and lay claim to our core values such as love, respect, responsibility, tolerance, honesty, friendship.

 Creativity and Thinking Education Program

The creativity shall lead the way for our children and shall be the determining factor for them in many sectors. “Creativity Program” was prepared for this understanding and it has many techniques where our students can present their different perspectives (the program mainly includes Creative Thinking Pages, Tangram and Mind Games).

 Agricultural Garden Program (Seyrek Campus)

Özel Ekin Primary school has a large campus and in addition to its buildings, it can use its natural areas as a teaching environment. It offers permanent possibilities that will make the life’s teachings for the students in “Agricultural Garden Program”. This program is associated with all the other courses, the students’ plant products, they can observe the seasons, associate the shapes in nature with math, and prepare studies in Turkish course about the thing they observe.

 Science and Laboratory Program

In Özel Ekin Primary School, the scientific curiosity and excitement of the students are reinforced with the experiments students conduct in biology laboratory within “Laboratory Program”. By processing the subject matter into the experiment book, all learning is made permanent.
 GEMS Activities

GEMS (Great Explorations in Math and Science-), is a program that contains exciting and efficient science and math activities. GEMS activities are conducted with materials that are easy to buy and cheap. GEMS possesses some of the best aspects of the “supervised exploration” method in physical sciences education. Supervised exploration method, emphasizes the direct participation of the individuals in the learning. GEMS activities allow students to understand the basic science and math concepts and acquire the questioning habit which they will require in daily life.

 Math Program with Ekin X

Having the math course only on paper is not sufficient for students. In order to enhance their mathematical perception, and allow them to understand mathematical relations better by seeing 3 dimensional materials, to support them with thinking different ways in math course and play games that will improve their mathematical intelligence, a private classroom is designed and equipments are provided. With the “Math Program” we try to make math into a fun and easy-to-understand course.

 Student Kitchen

Student Kitchen studies are part of a “model of learning through doing – experiencing”. In all of these practices, we support multi-directional education and inter-disciplinary comprehension. In addition to making a product, we learn about fungus during yeasting process, solutions during pickle and fractions while cutting our cake.

In the student kitchen, the children learn about the materials that are used in meals and the kitchen equipment, and how to cut vegetables, slice olive, roll out dough, foam whipped cream, make a cake, pickle, yeast yoghurt, make a salad, etc. In addition to these, subjects about kitchen culture such as eating healthy, hygiene in the kitchen, food etiquette and table arrangement are also thought in this workshop. At the end of the workshop, the baked products are tasted, and they are shared with parents.

 Mandala Training

Nowadays, we ask a lot from our children and this puts a certain amount of stress in their lives. Mandala is a good way of telling our children “I am here for you now and I want to do something nice with you”. Mandala means circle or center. Shapes and textures are placed around the center point which is very apparent. The mandala is painted from outside to inside or vice versa in company with classical music, and it makes children calmer and more relaxed. It was observed that it had positive effects on children’s attention and concentration, adaptation and listening to the courses during the group studies that were conducted after this.

 Educational Trips

Our educational trips are made during school hours. Within the scope of a theme and project, we make trips to many different fields and locations which are suitable for children’s development. Through these educational trips, we make sure that the goal of learning through doing and experiencing in a natural environment is supported.

 Family Participation

During pre-school period, the main organization that gives the child the possibility to know the outside world, and teach them certain habits is the family. The child obtains the experience that is required for basic learning within the family, and pre-school education organizations these experiences are reinforced and enriched. In order to create an efficient cooperation between school and family, and ensure a healthy communication and interaction, family participation program is applied. The main purpose is to integrate parents into the education life, increase the cooperation between school and family, and improve the behavior of our children in a positive way. Within the scope of this program, parents share one of their occupational or life experiences with the students in the class-room.