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VALUES PROGRAMME:We want our students to understand our traditional values such as love, respect, responsibility, tolerance, honesty, friendship, patience, and we follow a program in order to make our students adopt these values.

Creativity will lead our children in every sector and this skill will open new doors to them. We set a “Creativity Program” that includes a practice of different techniques for our children to improve their point of view. (Program mostly includes creative thinking sheets,Tangram and mind games.)

 Agriculture Gardening Programme (Seyrek)

Private Ekin Elementary School campus in a large land, all natural areas outside the buildings can be used as learning environments. "Agriculture Gardening Program’’ offers opportunities to students, especially in the social science lessons to maket he knowledge permanent. All students in this program associate the products they produce with the other courses. Seasons can also be observed. While they link shapes in nature with mathematics, they can prepare to work with their observations in Turkish language lessons.


With “lab program” we support our children’s curiosity and excite for science by the experiments that they do in our biology lab. They also have experiment booklets which supports permanent learning


GEMS (Great Explorations in Maths and Science) is an exciting program including effective science and mathematics activities. GEMS activities are carried out with available cheap materials. GEMS reflects the best aspects of the "observed discovery" method in science education. GEMS activities provide students to understand science and math concepts they need in their daily lives and to gain the habit of questioning.


It is not enough if maths lessons are only on paper in primary school.Students should see three dimension equipments and get the maths relations better.Their different ways of thinking must be supported and they should also play some games through which their maths intelligence can be improved.On these purposes a special class has been organized and supplied with all necessary equipments.So through this programme maths lessons become easy to understand and enjoyable.


Student Kitchen studies is a part of learning-by-doing model. In all these practices, we support the multi-faceted education and interdisciplinary understanding. Besides producing a product, we learn mushrooms in the brewing process, solution while setting pickles, fractions while slicing our cake.

In Student Kitchen, students learn the materials used in food and the devices used in kitchen. Besides they learn healthy nutrition, hygiene in the kitchen, eating manners, setting up table. The products are tasted at the end of the workshop and they are also shared with parents.


Nowadays we ask children to do lots of things and this causes some kind of stress to them. Mandala is to tell children “ I am here for you right now and I want to do some nice things with you”. Mandala means center or circle. Shapes and patterns put around centre point that stands distinct. While listening to classical music, painting a mandala from inwards to outwards or the opposite makes the children peaceful and relax. Results of researches this method improves focusing, adapting and listening skills.


Educational trips exist in our school hours. These trips are organized through chosen theme and project, and done to appropriate places to improve children’s development.