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 Assessment and Evaluation Studies in our Primary School

In our school, the studies of assessment and evaluation aim to improve childrenís "learning of learning " skills from their early ages and also increase their solving of problems, researcher and creative abilities without exam anixiety.

Students are evaluated according to measuring instruments that the teachers prepared, classroom performance and project work. In elementary school, end of unit assessments are made in line with these objectives. Evaluation results are shared with all stakeholders (students, parents, teachers and school management). Provisions are made against missing learning.
 Assessment Tools Evaluation Strategies & Concepts

Lessons Exams Evaluated With Points : It is an evaluation system that is to define the occur of the expected behavior in the student and the level of the knowledge and skill at the end of learning and teaching process. It aims to learn how much the student gain the objectives. And all this evaluation will show the way how teacher can apply specific learning way to the student. Academic lessons exams are applied nearly 2 or 3 times in a term.

Project point : It is a work that students, as group or individual, select a subject from a lesson/lessons and this work includes investigation, research and comments, idea development, access to new information, producing the original idea and inferences. They also work with guidance of the teacher. This project continue all term and it effects the average point of lesson as exam point. All evaluation stuff of project are given by teacher to student at the end of the term.

Participation Point : Evaluation of this work based on studentsí active participation in classroom with asking questions, exercises, working papers, filling with ideas to engage in discussions, taking responsibility, the task which are finished on time and with similar studies.

Acquisition Assesment Exam: It is an extraneous examination system to evaluate students developments about all sections or lessons besides classical examinations. These exams provide an extra evaluations way for teacher and these are applied in every two months. With these exam results, teachers and parents can learn that at which degree students are on general school grading. If there is a problem, with extra learning hours this problem can be solved by teacher.

Portfolio : A success collection of studentsí work which is about on one or a few subjects, their efforts, and their development phases. This collection is formed by actions of students in the classroom with their selected subjects. And also a stuff that helps both students and teachers for evoluation their workings. Development of students can be followed by teacher and parents with this collection.

Portfolio Meetings : Once each semester meetings are held. Students prepare a file of their work with the support of teachers by choosing products during the year. They share it with parents and teachers in that meetings. Thus, our parents observe and evaluate studentís progress. Studentís involving in self evaluation process helps them to improve decision skills and learning responsibilities. Portfolio meetings is one of the most important aspects of education.

Developing Reports: 2 months after the start of the academic term, mid-term report is given for transferring information about the student's situation on trainning courses to parents. On mid-term report, basic acquisition degree of students about lesson, opinion of teacher and evaluation about responsibility of student. All projects and works of studenst are evaluated on 100 points.

Points are evaluated as 0-100 range and after these are changed to below degrees called as 5 system and also reflected to development reports which are given in the middle of term and reports.