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 Education Program

Private Ekin Primary School is obligated to follow the Schedule of The Education System which is prepared by General Directorate of Primary Education and Board of Education and Discipline both of which work with Ministry of Education.
The program which is implemented aims to make the students gain the acquisition of Turkish, Social Sciences and mats lessons under different themes.

The aim of Social Science lessons;

  • To improve basic life skills,
  • To combine and build the things they’ve learned together ,
  • To make meaningful questions about the things they would like to learn,
  • To be able to search, observe from different resources,
  • To guess and deduce about the events,
  • To list the data and make graphics and diagrams,
  • To improve the ability to organize , classify and arrange tables.

    The aim of Turkish lessons;
  • To read , write and examine the things written,
  • To join the discussions,to express his feelings,thoughts, desires and needs both written and verbally,
  • To speak fluently and accurately by taking intonation and stress into consideration,
  • To improve some mental skills like comprehension, ordering, questioning, comparing, criticizing, guessing,analyzing and evaluating,
  • To improve critical and creative thinking ,expressing himself, communicating and cooperating with others,solving problems through texts,
  • To infer between the texts studied,
  • To improve the ability to read and understand visual objects like symbols, pictures, graphics, chartsandtell them to other people around,
  • To love reading and make it a kind of habit.

    The aim of Maths lessons;
  • To recognize maths as a science of patterns and order and also find out the relation among numbers,space and magnitude greatness,
  • To comprehend that maths is a universal language based on symbols and images,
  • To improve organizing,analyzing commanding and sharing knowledge and using this language to produce,guess and solve problems,
  • To undestand mathmetical concepts and systems,
  • To use the one above in thier daily lives,
  • To develop strategies to solve problems and use them accordingly.

    While practising the aims mentioned above, to maket he learning process permanent lots of supplementary programmes are used in Private Ekin Primary School.The programmes which are developed regularly by the experienced staff of Ekin Primary School make us and our students different.The programmes all of which can be actualised in real life are as follows:


    Private Ekin Primary School feels that  our social and cultural values must be passed on future generations so ‘Core Values Programme’ has been prepared.We expect all our students to understand,internalize and adopt love,respect,responsibility,tolerance,honesty,friendship,patience and so on.A practical programme is followed for this.


    Students’ creativity will guide them and open new doors in every sector in their future. Students’ different point of views are analysed in this programme.


    In our school ,students can use all gren areas as part of a learning process.Our school provides the students to grasp acquisition of ‘Social Science’ lessons with this programme .With this programme tyey can associate their studies with the other lessons; they can observe seasonal changes,grow their plants and different shapes in nature can be associated with maths lessons. As for Turkish lessons they can prepare lots of written and verbal studies.


    In Private Ekin Primary School ,with the experiments they carry out in the biology lab,their scientific wonders and excitement are supported.They copy the things they’ve learned in their experiment boks and so that it is permanent.


    It is not enough if maths lessons are only on paper in primary school.Students should see three dimension equipments and get the maths relations better.Their different ways of thinking must be supported and they should also play some games through which their maths intelligence can be improved.On these purposes a special class has been organized and supplied with all necessary equipments.So through this programme maths lessons become easy to understand and enjoyable.


    In Private Ekin Primary School,a ‘Common Reading Programme’ has been formed to study on qualified reding,understanding and commenting on the things read,improving the vocabulary knowledge.Every year our teachers choose a series of books for each grade and they are read on different techniques all the year long.


    This programme has been set up to maket he students love books,have a good time with them,find new friends in the world of books.learn to choose the right book for themselves and having discussions on the books they read.On thier 1st grade just after they’ve learrned how to read and write, there is a celebration and each student becomes a ‘book worm’. Then teachers follow every single book that students choose according to their taste-with the help of coupons of course.Those coupons lead them first to certificates and then the love of reading.Sometimes we have guests in our school. You can support us reading books if you like.


    The reason why tis workplace has been opened is that to teach the culture of writing , make the students love it,realizing that writing is not only a piece of paper and a pencil but it also is a means of communication.In this worksop studies students are accompanied by their teachers and practise different kinds of writing and they are displayed in and out of the place. We can sow the seeds of future in this workshop.The difficulties that may be faced when writing are cleared out. This is the first in Türkiye.


    The aim of this programme is to improve the students’ social consciousness, to know their surrounding from the most familiar to the least,be aware of the things that should be changed logically. They begin this programme by knowing the people and their jobs and continued how they can contribute to their surrounding. In the following years they know the school, the life around it and the foundations that in a way help the environment. They take part in those foundations and they become more conscious.

    Apart from this,other lessons are programmed to improve their foreign languages, art, sports,musical and social abilities. The success of the programmes have already been proved. In our school , apart from the ’Education Programme of Ministry of Education’, other ‘Enriched and Differentiated Programmes’ are followed in order to make our lessons long lasting through practice and improve our students’ abilities.

    These programmes are; Common Reading Programme, Book Warm Programme, Creative Writing Programme in our Production Atelier, Ekin X Programme, Computer Programme, Lab. Programme, Agricultural Garden Programme, Reasoning ang Creativity Programme, Core Values Programme and Project Zero Programme.