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In Private Ekin Elementary School, learning takes place at school. Preventions are taken in order students to learn every school subject and concepts properly but homework is given to support, to give responsibility, to revise and to improve self-learning. Approximately 20 minute lasting homework is given to first graders and increases 10 minutes every year.

From 1st grade, 2nd term, the students are expected to do their homework without help. Families are expected to help on subjects such as controlling the homework, time management or setting arrangement. To teach is the job of the teacher.

In today's rapidly changing information environment, “to learn” has been a concept that should be questioned. Retention of knowledge, questioning, to consolidate, to investigate emerges as the next step after learning.

As well as assignments, repetitions, Private Ekin Elementary School students consolidate their knowledge by "United Curriculum Studies" which all branches operate in the learned concept in their lessons. For example, on a learned information in social science lesson, something is written in Turkish lesson, problems are solved related to this topic in mathematics, a work is done in visual arts lesson, a song is taught in music. That helps the knowledge to consolidate as well as how to use it in different areas.