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  Our Understanding of Guidance 

 Our Understanding of Guidance

Ekin Schools Guidance Department adopts the principle that “Each person is valuable and has the right to improve himself/herself pre-eminently according to his/her potential. Therefore, we help our students to solve the problems they have encountered taking their age-development characteristics into consideration. With this understanding, we perform works that aim at raising kids who are confident, creative and responsible.

In this sense, guidance counselling activities are constructive and continuous. Therefore, we focus on the progress and relationships instead of focusing on problems. Our reason of being is to make the students know themselves better and to make our parents and teachers know their students better. That’s why we carry out our works in three groups.

Our Goal is to make our students;

  • Know themselves physically, emotionally and socially,
  • Become aware of their own interests and capabilities,
  • Be equipped with problem solving skills,
  • Be at peace both with themselves and the others,
  • Express their thoughts and feelings at the right time and place with an effective language,
  • Develop their problem solving skills and make right decisions,
  • Become aware of their limits and take responsibilities,
  • Be psychologically healthy and socially beneficial,
  • Be happy, healthy and peaceful individuals.

     Guidance Department Studies

    In order to achieve our goal mentioned above, our guidance department provides individual or group works for the students, teachers and the parents. While doing this, it makes use of various tests, forms, inventories and OYS which is a computer based programme. It also keeps an account of all its works and conversations.

     The Works Carried Out With The Students

    Our works with the students start with increasing a self awareness and are supported by
  • personal and social development,
  • educational development,
  • career development programmes.

    The reason of increasing self awareness is to help student know himself/herself better. This information is obtained from the student, student’s family and teachers and also from the techniques that are used to know the student.

    This process starts when the parents decide to register their kid for our school. School maturity work is carried out with each kid who has applied to our school. The information we obtained is shared with the parents and they are asked for their contribution. Then, we ask the parents to write a letter that describes their kid from their own point of views. This letter is later evaluated by our guidance councillors. We support our works by meeting the teachers and the parents regularly.

     Orientation Studies

    We make small group works with our new comers in order to introduce them our school building, school rules, school facilities, students’ rights and responsibilities. So that, we increase the sense of belonging.

     Personal and Social Development

    We work on the following subjects and make evaluations about them.
  • Getting to know feelings and manage them
  • Listening and communication skills
  • Self-confidence
  • Goal setting
  • Problem solving ability
  • Time management
  • Anger management
  • Peer relationship management

     Educational Development

    We work on the following subjects and make evaluations about them.
  • Learning styles
  • Academic success
  • The ability of creating positive studying behaviour
  • The ability of learning and developing attention
  • The ability of taking responsibilities and fulfilling his/hers responsibilities
  • The ability of developing a positive attitude towards exams
  • Homework
  • Reading habit
  • School maturity

     Career Development

    In our career development programme, we work on various subjects to get our students know
  • their interest and capabilities,
  • different occupations,
  • different high schools

    and to raise professional awareness.

      Guidance Department Activities

  • Orientation
  • How to work effectively
  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Test Techniques
  • Exam Anxiety
  • How to deal with stress
  • Mental Rehearsal
  • Feeling and Behaviour Management
  • Trips to Motivate Students
  • Vocational Guidance
  • Assessment and Evaluation Studies
  • TEOGS Analysis
  • Peer Meditation
  • Coaching Programme
  • Parents’ School
  • Counselling Services
  • Interdisciplinary Cooperation
  • Bulletin Board Preparations
  • Seminars
  • Publications

     Activities Carried Out With The Teachers

    Our Secondary School Guidance Counsellor has regular meetings with the form teachers and the training coaches every two weeks. She performs the following works with them:
  • Orientation studies
  • Counselling studies
  • Training coach studies
  • Consultancy about classroom teaching
  • In-service-training studies
  • Seminars

     Activities Carried Out With The Parents

    In the process of preparing our students to life, the parents play an important role. The works that our Guidance Department carry out with the parents are as in the following:
  • Activities that aim at getting to know our parents
  • Activities that aim at introducing our school system
  • Parents’ School – Informative and educative seminars that are performed either by our guidance counsellors or invited specialists
  • Publications – EMPATÝ
  • Bulletins
  • Individual meetings
  • In addition to introducing secondary school test system, providing consultancy service in terms of application, preparation process and preference