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 Education and Teaching

The main objective at Ekin Schools is to replace “move” with “bring” each individual’s talent to the highest level.

5th,6th,7th and 8th Grade students have different interests and friendship is very important for them.

We support our students' academic achievements as well as thier social, psychological developments with the help of different programs.

Academic support program is intensified by the additional programs and continued in 5th , 6th , 7th and 8th  grades for Anatolian and Science High Schools. Turkish, mathematics, social studies and science course hours are one hour more than those of the Ministry of education curriculum.

Practice tests are regularly done for the preparation for TEOGS. The result of TEOGS and KÖS are examined in detail by the teachers and then the report cards are published in the digital media as soon as possible. The results of the classic exams are also published for the parents. Team leaders examine the reports and prepare the study program. According to the results of each exam, revision tests are also done.If the student needs extra study, departments can organize a study hour.

The students are also guided on:
* efficient study skills
*time management
*exam methods

The second foreign language teaching is carried out for at least 2 hours.The students’ interests and capabilities in Art and Sport are determined and supported at Secondary School.

There is also an academic tracking system in senior year. The senior students set their goals with their education coordinator and PDR, they organize their teaching process.

Our basic objective is to prepare our students in the best way for higher education institutions.

We have been able to reach this goal for many years and we believe that our students will continue making us proud.