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 Ekin Schools Assessment And Evaluation System

Education is a planned process in which students’ knowledge and skills are evaluated by a certain programme and improved, if needed. Assessment helps to determine the level of reaching the expected aims in a certain period to see the effectiveness of applied programmes and to evaluate the methods and tecniques used.

In our assessment sytem, pre-assessment, process and post-assessment are used to find out if expected behaviours are gained by the students or not.

Evaluation is the consideration of the outputs gained at the end of the assessment and the planning of precautions to be taken.

Assessment and evaluation are not the only measurement of knowledge but also the measurement of the student’s skills considering their understanding, practice,syntheses and evaluation.

During the assessment and evaluation procedure, each student is assessed considering his/her own improvement performance. At this point, we use both traditional ( exams and tests) and alternative assessment and evaluation materials ( rubrics, check lists, group and self-assessment forms, concept maps, portfolio files etc.)

In our school, assessment and evaluation activities aim to increase their abilities of “learning to learn” and being observing, problem-solving and creative without feeling any anxieties.

Students are evaluated by participation and projects in addition to the assessment materials prepared by teachers. In our school, end of unit assessments are done. Assessment results are shared with students, parents, teachers and school administration. If needed, precautions are taken.

These assessments are done through the exams committee.